When you go into Union Garage you know they know what they're talking about. Union Garage is a highly curated selection at the intersection of the best protection and style. Everyone working there rides motorcycles, and they are very knowledgeable about everything they carry. You can find anything you need to ride around town or for a big adventure.


What can you say about a company founded by motorcycle riders that makes products out of their personal necessity. When you try on on of their jackets, pants or apparel you'll know what I mean, they're made by riders for riders, comfort, strength and style are in their DNA. We rode with their Expedition Suit for 20,000 miles and it was everything we expected.



When it comes down to safety no one does it better than Schuberth. Based on the acclaimed C3 they released a new version of the E1 which has everything we need for on-road/off-road trip like this. Modular, great aerodynamics, comfort, and amazing ventilation for the hot south american days. And it proved itself in Bolivia, when it saved my life.



It's been now 8 years since I was able to start learning on how to work on motorcycles. With this trip always on the back of my head I knew being able to troubleshoot on the road was very important to not be stalled by a flat, a tire change or an electrical problem. Peter Boggia has mentored me all the way.