The Helmet: Schuberth E1

The Helmet: Schuberth E1


Let the others take the beaten path. The E1 by SCHUBERTH lets you concentrate on what’s ahead, so you can blaze new trails and get the most out of your ride.

The innovative dual sport helmet for enduro, touring and adventure riders offers the highest level of comfort, flexibility and safety for both onroad and offroad riding.


When you put on a Schuberth helmet you realize what the whole hype is all about. When you spend weeks on the road a quieter helmet delivers a sense of calm that helps you focus more on the trip and less on your ears.

The E1 takes most of its DNA from the C3. We have tested it for thousands of miles and we haven't found a quieter, lighter and more solidly built helmet. Also they are beautifully styles which is always a plus!

Apart from the adapted helmet shape, a spoiler is responsible for this streamlining. The E1 is stable in the wind, without pendulum effect, lift, or buffeting. 

THE ventilation system provides a constant flow of fresh air, keepING A fog-FREE VISOR and OUR HEADS cool.

As we move through different climates we need a helmet that is built for multiple scenarios. Also going south through Central And South America weather can change quickly, the E1 provides everything you need in a trip like ours. 

The top vents circulate air throughout the helmet and the shield vent prevents the shield from fogging up.

The chin vent can be regulated to flow large amounts of air when needed, while the built-in filter can be removed and washed following those dusty rides which is extremely handy. 

The modular element enables me to stop to look at a map, take a sip of water, take a picture or chat with someone at a gas station without taking my helmet off.


Like in the C3, a sun visor is built into the E1. It's always been one of my favorite features, it can be extended or retracted with one move of the hand using a slider on the helmet left side edge. 

I wear prescription sunglasses but when I'm riding in the middle of the day the sun can be so bright that even sunglasses are not enough. An extra layer of UV protection makes a huge different in making my eyes feel rested on long rides.  



I'm sure there are plenty of people who wear Modular helmets so they can ride with the chin guard up, I don't.

For me the modular element enables me to stop to look at a map, take a sip of water, take a picture or chat with someone at a gas station without taking my helmet off. 

Also it's much easier to put on and off when it's open and I don't have to remove my glasses every time. 


Visor & Shield

  • The chin piece of the E1 can be swiveled up as a single piece together with the visor and shield. 
  • The shield can be fixed in three different positions. 
  • All visors are of the optical class 1. They deliver an undistorted view and are anti-scratch treated.
  • "Turbulators" are added for noise reduction on the visor top edge.
  • Visor replacement requires no tools.
  • Comes with anti-fog lens.